Add Additional Column to Register Report (PATCH INCLUDED)

Robert Stocks robert.stocks at
Sat Jun 28 16:29:58 EDT 2008


> I think I finally see what you mean here: (1) in the unpatched report there
> is no way to make split memos appear if you run the "Account Report" from
> Basic Ledger mode, and (2) in this case it makes more sense, space-wise, to
> display the notes in a separate column rather than double the number of
> lines in the report.


> Here's how I'd prefer to see it: We'd need two report option checkboxes:
> Description and Memo. Both options would always be on by default, but these
> options would never be disabled/greyed out; the user would be free to change
> each of them after the report is initially run. For each option, if it is
> checked then that piece of data will be displayed. Otherwise it will not.
> As far as how the information is arranged on the report page:
> 1. In Basic Ledger mode, Description and Memo would appear in separate
> columns to save vertical space.
> 2. In all other modes, Description and Memo would appear in the same column
> to save horizontal space.
> That's not a big change from what you have already. How does that sound?

Sounds great - I will work with that and see what I can come up with.

> It would be nice to also have a Notes option to allow the user to display or
> hide the transaction's Notes field after the initial run, but since that
> really isn't in the scope of what you're trying to accomplish, let's not
> worry about it.

I am happy to try and do this as well, as I can see where it could be usefull.

> -Charles
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