[PATCH] Python bindings (with much of the core api)

Mark Jenkins mark at parit.ca
Mon Mar 24 20:52:48 EDT 2008

> Thanks a lot for submitting these patches! I think everyone here is welcoming 
> python bindings as new language bindings right in the gnucash trunk branch. 
> Only nobody has had the time to actually commit those into trunk. But apart 
> from that, I think as soon as someone commits them, it can directly be worked 
> upon in trunk.

Yes, I agree that trunk is fine, as they shouldn't break anything else,
and I don't plan on breaking the bindings themselves either. Small,
safe, well tested commits.

Suggestions of a branch have just been modesty - as I'd rather have
something here upstream over nothing.

> Or are you rather asking for actual SVN commit access so that you can feed 
> back your binding patched into the svn server?

Once they are in, I would appreciate svn commit access for both Jeff and I.

We could agree to not make commits that change files outside of
src/optional/python-bindings, we'll send such patches to the list as usual.

Further, depending on the nature of the change we would still send many
changes to the list for audit first, and make the commit ourselves once
we feel it is acceptable. We can develop some balanced guidelines here,
and we're willing to learn about the usual balance this community
follows. We want to be maintainers of this component, but maintainers
who work with the full community.

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