New enhancement to balance-sheet report

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Thu Mar 27 08:36:09 EDT 2008


"Yogesh Agrawal" <agrawaly at> writes:

> Hi,
> I would like to make an enhancement to balance-sheet report in the
> commodities page.
> I would like to include Basis Calculation method as we have in the advance
> portfolio report,
> also I would like to have an option to choose either price source or basis
> calculation as
> the the calculated value on the balance sheet. I have couple of question for
> the same

Sounds great!

> 1) Is there is any documentation for how to make local build and send
> patches, if not
> please can somebody guide me that how can I make a local build after making
> the changes
> and check if my code is working or not.

Yeah, in the HACKING and README.svn files.  But in your case
you don't need to rebuild gnucash because you're only modifying
the scheme code.  But yes, it's easier to work from a source
tree for when you want to send in a patch.  The patch is just:

  svn diff

> 2) How do I send patch to be included in the next release.

Send it here..  Or better yet, create a bug report, attach
the patch to the bug report, and send mail here to let us know
you've done that...  And be willing to re-work your patch
based on feedback.

> Thanks,
> Yogesh


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