SKR04 crashes

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Mon May 5 12:44:10 EDT 2008

Quoting Johannes Kapune <listen at>:

> Hi to all,
> Am Montag, den 05.05.2008, 12:01 -0400 schrieb Derek Atkins:
>> Christian would have to answer definitively, but I believe there's
>> a compile-time configure option to enable locale-specific tax,
>> but I also believe it is NOT enabled by default, and probably
>> not enabled in the windows build, which means you're probably not
>> using it.  That means you're pulling in the US Tax report, which
>> could be why it's not working.
> so we wait on Christians answer
> what configure option I have to choose?

./configure --help

>> Yes, the hierarchy druid pulls in the specific hierarchies based
>> on your locale, but the tax report does not do that by default.
> please excuse me! Why not? I think tax will be always a "local problem"

Because there is no #ifdef in Scheme.. and the original report
writers didn't think about locale-specific reports.

Also, the locale usually speaks about the language, not the country.
If I were in Germany I'd want the German taxes but I'd still want
GnuCash in English.  I dont think there's an en_DE locale, and even
if there were we'd have to make sure to pull the correct 'tax report'
in.   That work was never done.

As this is the devel list...   Patches Welcome!

>> -derek
> For me it not so important to use SKR04. It is the only problem/bug I
> found so far

Not sure exactly what "problem/bug" you're referring to..  You've
complained about a number of issues over the past couple weeks.

> Johannes


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