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Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Tue May 13 10:08:29 EDT 2008


"Santosh Kumar" <sys.santosh at> writes:

> Dear Sir ,
> Greetings!
> This is Santosh Kumar from Hyderabad . I saw your web site and  almost for
> all products  license required  so in case  if we want sell your application
> in our site what is the cost of the product and can we promote that products
> with my own name .

GnuCash is licensed under the GPL, which means that it is freely
modifiable and redistributable, however IF you redistribute it you
need to make the sources available, and if you make any modifications
you need to make those modifications available as well.

> Ø       In case we tie-up with you what the margin of the product to get on
> Sale.

I have no idea.

> Ø       Is each and every product has their own license
> *  Can  i use this souce code using my brand name and  give it to customer

You are allowed to make any modifications you wish, but you must make
your modifications available in source form.

> Ø       In case if I want promote that product with my brand name what is
> the cost I have to pay.

The cost is that any changes you make must also be distributed.
Please familiarize yourself with the GPL License.

> Please send me more details so that we can discuss in details for business
> tie-up


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