gnucash automation

Christian Stimming stimming at
Wed May 28 04:04:54 EDT 2008

Graham Leggett schrieb:
> Christian Stimming wrote:
>> What the developers here mean by "the gnucash API" is all the source 
>> code that lives in src/engine/, also known as "the engine" here. Most 
>> of it is documented by doxygen comments in the source code. The source 
>> code in src/engine depends on glib, but it does not depend on gtk, 
>> which should underline the fact that this has nothing to do with GUI 
>> issues. The gnucash model of programming expects any non-GUI program 
>> to use the programming API that is offered by src/engine in order to 
>> open a gnucash data file, extract data from it, potentially modify its 
>> content, and maybe save it again.
> Does the API end up in a shared library that I can link to?

Yes. It's called


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