PATCH: disallowing bill post to wrong commodity account

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Mon Nov 3 09:23:44 EST 2008


jamie campbell <jamie at> writes:

> This patch adds a new account selection filter allowing valid
> commodity to be restricted, and makes use of it for bill posting.
> This filter is allowed to be NULL (just as with the 'account type'
> filter) and when NULL, isn't used.  The patch also fixes a bug where
> gnc commodity copy wasn't copying mnemonic, thus erroneously making a
> copy not equal to the original when comparison happens.  The behaviour
> is that the user isn't able to select a post account in the wrong
> currency.  If there is no possible account (aka, EVERYTHING gets
> filtered out) they get a blank combo box.  This is consistent with
> what the account type filter does when there are no valid account-type
> accounts.

Could you use "svn diff" or "diff -u" and re-attach please?
A 'standard diff' is very hard to read/follow.


> -Jamie


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