String lengths in the SQL backend

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Thu Nov 13 11:53:56 EST 2008

Derek Atkins schrieb:
> Herbert Thoma <herbert.thoma at> writes:
>> Ah well, I have a 30", 2560 pixel wide screen, 256 chars on a single
>> line is possible, if the font is not too large ...
>> Rolf wants german SKR4 account codes and these are 6 or 8 digit numerical
>> codes, but that fact does not help since other users may have (miss-)
>> used the account code field with longer codes.
> It is not a mis-use of the field to have longer codes.
> I agree, 32 is too long.
> What exactly is the use-case for using codes as a primary key?

I don't know and
doesn't tell either.

In my opinion the mapping of account to code is a one-to-one
relationship and I see no reason for account code being used
as a primary key, one could (and should) use the account key.

> Keep in mind that the SQL Backend data store is just that, a
> data store.  GnuCash does NOT use database constraints, and
> for Accounts it doesn't even need to use an Index, because GnuCash
> does (should!) load in all the accounts at start time.
> So... All searches on accounts are done in core in the gnucash app
> without looking at the DB backend.

I agree.


> -derek

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