AQbanking beta forgets user OFX page

Bruce Perens bruce at
Sat Nov 15 11:58:17 EST 2008

Martin Preuss wrote:
> Could you please tell me exactly what you are doing (step-by-step) and what 
> the result is?
Push "Start AqBanking Wizard" from Gnucash "Start Online Banking Wizard" 
Click "Users" tab.
Click on user.
Push "Edit" in the "Configuration" box. "User Configuration" opens.
Click on "OFX" tab.
Fill in FID, ORG, Server URL.
Press "OK"
Back in the "Configuration" box, click OK.
Back in "Start Online Banking Wizard" screen, push "Start AqBanking 
Wizard" again.
Select the account again.
Push the "Edit" button again.
Clock on the "OFX" tab again.
The data just filled in isn't there.

I guess for now, I can just back-port the CLIENTUID changes to 2.2.7 .



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