String lengths in the SQL backend

Rolf Leggewie no2spam at
Tue Nov 18 04:31:50 EST 2008

Rolf Leggewie wrote:
>  While it will complicate things
> a little bit, I may probably use the guid space as key which is
> inherently larger than the code space.

Not only does it complicate things quite a bit (I have yet to find a
tool that allows to link SQL tables and update the data in them ->, I think it also
breaks down when the code field has duplicate entries in the original
gnucash data.  For the german SKR, this is not yet the case, but it may
happen eventually.  I've gone back to using code as the key to link the
tables.  The shortcomings that imposes are currently more tolerable than
having it the other way round.

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