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"Stephen Judd" <stephen at> writes:

> Carol Brown wrote:
>  I am starting a small business and have done some research and most agree
>> that GnuCash is the best accounting program for Linux. But I am dismayed to
>> see that I have to download /source code/, which to me means /compile/ and
>> /build/. Arghhh. I don't do compile and build. I am starting a business and
>> just want to install and use my accounting software. As you can imagine, I
>> have a bazillion other things to do.
> I can see how Carol got this impression. The home page has no
> link "Getting Gnucash". There is only a "downloads" heading, and that only
> has source code options listed under it. If you were new to Linux, and
> hadn't grasped the whole package thing, you'd come to just the same
> conclusion that Carol has.
> It might be a good idea to have a page called "Get Gnucash" with some
> high-level installation instructions for common distros, and link that on
> the home page sidebar under the "downloads" heading.
> I'm not sure how the website is maintained, but I am happy to write draft
> copy for such a page if that helps.

The web page is maintained in SVN in the htdocs module.
The WIKI also has lots of per-distro information on the main page.

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