[PATCH] quote fetching ability in transfer dialog

Christian Stimming stimming at tuhh.de
Thu Nov 20 04:50:41 EST 2008

Am Dienstag, 11. November 2008 22:10 schrieb jamie campbell:
> This patch adds a button to get the latest rate.
> It's part of the Gnucash multicurrency extensions project I'm working
> through, see also emails Nov 4th 16:42; Nov 4 16:46; Oct 31 16:14 , as
> well as the original proposal email oct 23 16:34

Thanks for the patch. Applied to trunk, r17707.

There was one minor issue in the glade file: It contained one "urgency_hint" 
property, but that one was introduced with a relatively new libglade. When 
older libglade reads that file, it will abort immediately. For that reason we 
have the scripts util/glade-fixup in SVN which removes these lines from all 
glade files. In this commit I've run the script on your glade file before 

As for the other patches: preventWrongPostCommodity_2.patch of Oct 31st has 
the compiler warning noted in the separate mail and should be re-submitted 
with that warning resolved. The payMulticurrency patch of Nov 4th looks fine, 
but depends on the gnc_commodity_compare function from the first patch and 
thus can't be applied right now. If you want, I could commit the 
gnc_commodity.[hc] changes from the first patch alone, then the 
payMulticurrency patch. But the preventWrongPostCommodity patch needs to be 
fixed so that this warning doesn't appear anymore.

Thanks a lot for your contributions!



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