AqBanking CSV Import/Export and choosing the right profile

Christian Stimming stimming at
Thu Oct 2 03:33:30 EDT 2008

Am Mittwoch, 1. Oktober 2008 12:51 schrieb Martin Preuss:
> > Maybe.  One of the cool things about the raw CSV importer is that
> > you can create a profile in real-time.  
> [...]
> ... while this is an elegant way to import CSV data occasionally, it is
> additional work for the user if he is to import CSV data on a regular
> basis. For that job predefined profiles might be a nice service.
> (...)
> The only necessary addition I can think of is to add a dialog which allows
> for the user to choose one of the predefined profiles.

Absolutely. This sounds like a very good idea, as it would be only very small 
effort but big gain for both aqbanking and gnucash.

Unfortunately :-) neither me nor anyone else has volunteered so far to 
integrate such a choice dialog, even though it should be rather trivial.

> Summary: If someone could provide the code for a simple GTK dialog which
> presents a short description and a list of names to choose from I could
> provide the rest (my GTK skills are extremely bad, that's why I don't dare
> to write my own dialog).

Well, just in case you or anyone else tries to implement something like this: 
With the aqbanking-1.9.x versions gnucash used to present a similar dialog 
that allowed the user to choose a "backend name". The code for presenting 
this dialog and using its result value still exists; see trunk 
src/import-export/hbci/druid-hbci-initial.c lines 468 through 554. This could 
be used as a template on how to integrate such a dialog to be used instead of 
the hard-coded values in e.g. 
src/import-export/aqbanking/gnc-plugin-aqbanking.c line 430.

Oh, by the way, one can observe that the "profile names" are no longer 
hard-coded absolutely; instead, they will additionally be looked up in some 
GConf keys as well, which would be a possibility for those people who asked 
to use a different (existing) profile than "swift-mt942".



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