GnuCash and PHP

Jeremy Andrews jeremy at
Tue Oct 7 08:06:09 EDT 2008

On Mon, 2008-10-06 at 09:37 +0200, Christian Stimming wrote:
> Yes, absolutely. There is an API which consists of everything in the  
> src/engine sub-directory including its dependencies (lib/libqof/qof  
> and some more). The code in those directories is built into shared  
> libraries which intentionally require only the (non-GUI) libglib but  
> no libgtk. It's documented by the doxygen source code comments, see  

Thanks, that appears to be exactly what I was looking for.  I'll do some
reading in the docs to begin, and see what I can come up with.

> There has been some work on *python* wrappers to the gnucash API, see  
> src/optional/python-bindings and the discussion in this thread  

That will be a very helpful place to start, and a handy reference.

> I don't know how easy it is to access python from PHP, but if it isn't  
> too bad, this might be the easiest way for you to start. Of course the  
> "best" solution were if you would add PHP wrappers to the SWIG  
> definition files, just as they  already both Scheme and Python  
> wrappers, but I don't know how hard that would be.

I'll look into writing the PHP wrappers.  I've seen similar SWIG-derived
PHP wrappers for other programs, so I've got a few examples to work
from.  I'll post an update if I make any useful progress.


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