Date field in 2.2.6 - addition

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at
Tue Oct 14 08:00:03 EDT 2008

I have opened another book now. The same dialogs show the unreliable date 
control behaviour.
The result in these unreliable fields is apparently unpredictable. In the new 
book, the Post dialog's date control acts as a counter: it increases with 1 
month for every + or - or date that I enter (via the keyboard).
To be clear: if the field's contents is "14.10.2008" and I enter "6.5.2008" 
via the keyboard, the new field's content is "14.11.2008", not "6.6.2008". 
Obviously, both would be incorrect.

I found this behaviour sufficiently different from my previous mail to issue 
another one.


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