is poedit acceptable?

zhangweiwu at zhangweiwu at
Tue Oct 21 21:58:45 EDT 2008

Hello. I found poEdit changes .po file unnecessarily.


   1. it joins messages that spans several lines into one long line (vim
      user probably would not like this)
   2. it splits path references into separate lines. e.g.  '#: ../file1
      ../file2' would be spitted to 2 lines

There are probably other changes. Looks not really harmful but probably
less readable to those who use a text editor. Take a look at the
attached example diff files (don't apply it as patch because it's not
against svn version) if it is acceptable.

My girlfriend (had worked as an accountant) took the task of translation
but she always prefer not to use a text editor.

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