Proposal for business, multi-currency support

Christian Stimming stimming at
Sat Oct 25 03:48:17 EDT 2008

Sounds well thought to me and seems to be a good solution to this not yet 
implemented feature. I don't know when Derek will be able to review the 
proposal and respond, but IMHO you could go ahead implementing this.



Am Donnerstag, 23. Oktober 2008 23:34 schrieb Mark Jenkins:
> I'm very interested in fixing Bug 302609 and related bugs.
> ...
> My proposal to fix this is:
> When posting invoices/bills/vouchers, insist and enforce that the A/P /
> A/R account must match the currency of the vendor/customer/employee .
> On payments, if the transfer account is in a different currency from the
> A/P / A/R account, follow the prompt with a "Transfer funds" dialog (the
> one you see when creating transactions between two accounts with
> different currencies from the register) to specify the exchange rate on
> the day of the transaction.
> When bills/invoices/vouchers are posted, build a list of all the entry
> accounts (e.g. income and expense) that do not match the vendor
> currency, and prompt with a "Transfer funds" dialog for each of these
> non matching currencies.
> It would also be nice to add quote fetching to the "Transfer funds"
> dialog as well.
> In all cases, both the amount and value attribute for each split would
> get set with appropriate values.
> My assumption here is that the amount you enter in each bill entry line
> is in the currency of the vendor, regardless of the currency/commodiy of
> the income/expense account selected.
> I believe that is a sane default, but that in some cases there could be
> bills/invoices with lines expressed in multiple currencies, and a total
> and account balance in the vendor/customer currency.
> To allow for that case, I would add a checkbox column for bill/invoice
> entry lines. (and perhaps give us the option to hide it on a per
> vendor/customer basis or globally, as screen real estate is getting
> tight on those invoice entry columns.)
> The checkbox could be checked by default, and mean "amount is in vendor
> currency", checkbox could be not checked by default, and mean "amount is
> in account currency"
> ...
> I'm willing to try implementing this, but I'd like feedback first.
> Also, do note that my choice of implementation will make the make multi
> currency support in the vendor/customer/employee and recievable/payable
> againg reports redundant, as A/P, A/R business transactions will always
> hit these accounts in their own currency.
> Mark Jenkins

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