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Fri Apr 3 10:22:56 EDT 2009

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> 2.  How is the documentation process managed?  I picture some sort of draft, review, and finalization process (whether simple or composed of many stages).  How does one enter this effort and what mechanisms need to be used?

I'm going out on a limb here because I am not an "official" member of
anything, However I have been using GnuCash (mostly) very happily and
successfully for several years. Plus I have filed several bug reports
and have responded to several messages on the lists, so maybe that
makes me a part of the "team". (Think of me as a weak link if you
like.) ;-)

My observation is that ALL one has to do to be a part of GnuCash is to
contribute. That includes documentation. If you can learn to produce
documentation in a way that integrates properly and easily into the
existing structure (or I presume, do all the work required to create a
new structure) then the existing folks are much more likely to accept
your changes and updates quickly.

I do say all this (again) as an active user, but also as a person with
years of experience writing software documentation BUT too busy with
the "business" tasks to contribute much to GnuCash at the moment. You
would think that I of all people would be horrified at the substandard
documentation, but believe me, there are plenty of paid commercial
products having worse.

> 3.  Since the actual development of the product has exceeded the pace of the documentation, where do I find a list of features not documented and a brief statement of the purpose of these features?  There must be some sort of notes that established an agreed goal that the programmers used to guide their work.

I believe you will find most of what you are looking for as links from -- the design documents are in svn, though I should
let others comment on the up-to-date and "agreed goal" parts.

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