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Sebastian Held sebastian.held at
Wed Apr 15 01:51:45 EDT 2009

Version 4.5.0 is only an example, any qt verstion starting from 4.x something 
should work (compilation is possible with qt-3, too).
You may try the gnucash-2.2.9 from my site:
This version is known to work on vista32 and includes Qt (as does the official 
version). If you face the same problem, you may have ancient Qt-Libraries 
lying around, which interfere with Aqbanking.


>Hello Sebastian,
>Thank you for your prompt response. I first installed using
>gnucash-2.2.9-setup.exe, then installed ActivePerl and Qt, online
>banking gave me the error described below, so I re-installed using
>gnucash-2.2.9-setup.exe, and the same error materialized.
>As a note, my path for Qt reads Qt/2009.01/bin, not 4.5.0 - do I have
>the wrong version?
>Also, I did not compile from source, but I do not know what PATH is or
>how to add anything to it.
>Thank you for your assistance,
>On Tue, Apr 14, 2009 at 2:05 AM, Sebastian Held <sebastian.held at> 
>> Hello Dan,
>> If you are using gnucash-2.2.9-setup.exe, no further Qt related changes
>> are necessary.
>> If you are compiling from source, you may need to adapt you path variable.
>> Go to your control panel, system, environment variables and add c:\program
>> files\qt\4.5.0\bin to PATH (adapt as necessary).
>> Sebastian
>> Am Montag 13 April 2009 22:12:51 schrieb Daniel Gosselin:
>>> Good afternoon,
>>> I am running into trouble setting up aqBanking, I receive an error
>>> that states: "If you have installed Qt already, you will have to adapt
>>> the PATH variable of your system appropriately. Contact the GnuCash
>>> developers if you need further assistance on how to install Qt
>>> correctly."
>>> I am using Windows Vista, I have installed Qt 4.5, but I cannot find
>>> help anywhere on the internet to update the "PATH variable". Can you
>>> help?
>>> Thank you,
>>> Dan
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