r18041 - gnucash/trunk - Merge webkit branch into trunk.

Herbert Thoma herbert.thoma at iis.fraunhofer.de
Fri Apr 17 09:24:47 EDT 2009

Derek Atkins schrieb:
>> I revoke my statement. This coputer is still on SuSE 10.2 and the support
>> period for this distro has ended ...
> Ahh, yeah, like I said, Fedora-7 era.  I'm not sure offhand what version
> of Gnome Fedora-8 or 9 has, but I would hope that we should support any
> distros that were released by, say, May 1, 2008.

Just for your information: I successfully built GnuCash with webkit on a
SuSE 11.0 machine. A proper webkit is not part of the SuSE 11.0 distro, but I
got a RPM easily from http://software.opensuse.org/ (libwebkit-1_0-1-1.0.1).

The most recent version of webkit (1.1.4) from libwebkit.org does not
build out of the box because of libsoup being too old (2.2, required 2.4).
This is not an issue since GnuCash works fine with webkit 1.0.1.
But if we use it for 2.4 then we might have to worry about different versions.

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