git clone with svn metadata for download

Tim Abell tim at
Sat Apr 18 12:00:20 EDT 2009

I've put this up in case anyone wants it.

    Download a ready made git clone from (90 MB)
    complete with svn metadata for updating.

    This is a bare repository (only the contents of the .git folder) so
    to use it as a full copy you will need to rearrange the folder.

    tar -xvzf bare-gnucash-svn.git.tgz
    mkdir gnucash-svn.git
    mv bare-gnucash-svn.git gnucash-svn.git/.git
    cd gnucash-svn.git
    git checkout master
    git svn rebase

    these instructions need testing

Feedback welcome.

Tim Abell

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