OFX to price data base

Brad Haack bradhaack at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 20 22:31:27 EDT 2009

My C skills are OK, but I don't think I have the time to tackle it right 
now, & I'm a gnucash rookie.

Derek Atkins wrote:
> Hi,
> Brad Haack <bradhaack at yahoo.com> writes:
>> It looks like an OFX file usually include a current price quote for
>> stocks and mutual funds.  Has anyone attempted, or considered using
>> that info to update the price database (price editor)?
> At this point the importer will not add PriceDB entries.
>> The fund price info for the funds in my 401K account (managed by ing
>> now) are not available on one of the regular price sources so I'm
>> trying to figure out how to get the price info imported w/o manual
>> entry.   Any ideas?  Can I do something sneaky w/ a .log file?
> Unfortunately no.
> You might be able to extend the importer to add PriceDB entries.
> How's you C skill?
> -derek

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