r17325 - gnucash/branches/gda-dev2/src/backend/sql - Replace gmtime_r() with gmtime() so that it can be compiled on win32.

Phil Longstaff plongstaff at rogers.com
Sat Aug 1 12:46:42 EDT 2009

On July 31, 2009 05:03:39 pm Derek Atkins wrote:
> Phil,
> Yes, I know this was committed a year ago, but I'm sitting at 34,000
> feet and finally found time to go through the set of changes over the
> past... year..
> Anyways, this change seems wrong to me.  The main difference between
> gmtime() and gmtime_r() is that the latter is thread-safe whereas the
> former is not.  If Win32 doesn't have gmtime_r the proper fix would be
> to use AC_REPLACE_FUNCS() and create an implementation of gmtime_r()
> that we can use for systems (like Win32) that don't have it.
> This would imply:
> 1) add gmtime_r to the AC_REPLACE_FUNCS in configure.in
> 2) create an implementation of gmtime_r in lib/libc/
> 3) hook that together in lib/libc/Makefile.am
> Maybe you just don't care about thread safety in gnc-backend-sql.c?

That's quite the assumption.  Yes, I do care.  I was unaware of 


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