Gnucash and root-account in MySQL

Marcus Wolschon Marcus at
Sat Aug 8 02:55:57 EDT 2009


I had a closer look at the data Gnucash 2.3.3 was writing into it`s
MySQL-tables and I noticed
that the entry for the root-account on the "accounts"-table is missing.

All the accounts directly below root have the same parent_guid but there is no
entry for that guid in the "accounts"-table.
This is a serious architectural difference to the XML -datastructures where the
root-account can have a currency and slots. It also means that
referential integrity
is never given. (Even when Gnucash is done and no longer connected. This is...
not exactly acceptable behavior for a financial application.)

Is this a bug in the gnucash-version I used?
How is one to find the root-account without doing such expensive queries
as "select parent_guid from accounts there parent_guid not in (select
guid from accounts)"
Where are the properties of the root-account stored when importing an
existing XML-file or exporting it again? For a financial application I would
expect it to guarantee 100% semantically identical content in that roundtrip.


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