Gnucash and root-account in MySQL

Marcus Wolschon Marcus at
Sat Aug 8 04:26:48 EDT 2009

Colin Law schrieb:
> 2009/8/8 Marcus Wolschon <Marcus at>:
> The root account guid is in the books table (column
> root_account_guid).  This is causing me some pain as the type of the
> object referenced by parent_guid is not consistent.

Thanks, I found it.
I also have that data-type -issue and am working around
it with lots of special cases :( as I cannot save that account
and a special query to get the root-account with lots
of "select \"ROOT\" as account_type,...." .

Having a database but not even the possibility of referential integrity
causes me quite some headache. I'm even thinking about not supporting
mysql at all as I can't validate it anymore.

It also looses data in the xml<->mysql -conversion.
e.g. As the XML-model allows the root-account to have a commodity
but the db-model does not. This may sound like an extreme case
but that`s not how I`m comfortable writing software that deals with

I dare not think what else I may find. As I`m dealing with the
one core software for my business I do extensive tests and validations
in every step (strong type safety with generics, parameters are checked,
null-checks everywhere, extensive validation uppon loading, ...
In the XML-model I`m even taking care that whitespace and the order
of elements is preserved exactly).
Thus I`m extremely uncomfortable with this design.

(Any idea what the template_guid is?)


> Colin L

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