Feature request: TSV export/import

Adolf Szabo d01fy at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 16 02:24:26 EDT 2009


First: gnucash is an excellent piece of program, it really rocks. However its main weakness is the lack of simple export/import functionality in tab separated format for loading from/to excel (gnumeric). I know I can export as a report to html and load to excel from that, but it is not the same. Also we usually do not want to export the whole file, but only selected transactions.

It would be really simple to implement: An Export... menu in account view that would export all transactions as you see them on the screen. It could work for search results as well, hence you can also export only selected transactions.

Similar for import: user should make sure TSV file is in proper format, then gnucash would simply import it. To ease development Transfer column could be left empty or set to Inbalance by default.

Anyhow please consider it. It would be really simple to implement, and a really useful feature.

Thx, Dolfy


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