MySQL sync

Vladimir Bashkirtsev vladimir at
Mon Aug 17 10:03:21 EDT 2009

Derek Atkins wrote:
> Vladimir Bashkirtsev <vladimir at> writes:
>>> However, changing the architecture of GnuCash to be a pure DB app would
>>> entail rewriting MOST of the engine.  I wouldn't recommend going that
>>> route in the short term.
>> Well... Rewriting most of engine is definitely not something I plan. :)
>> So I should take on board your idea to go with audit log. It should
>> not be too hard to implement. Then use autoincrement in DB and have
>> GnuCash to check it at regular intervals and before any operation
>> which requires access to the data. If there's new entries in the log
>> then just replay them to get updated. Something tells me that ability
>> to store log records and ability to replay them back already is part
>> of the engine.
>> Have I missed anything? If not then I am quite excited and... (read below)
> Well, right now we do not have an audit log, nor do we have a way
> to replay the audit log.  That would have to be developed.
> Note that it might also be part of an "Undo" feature, which would
> also be nice to have.
> -derek
As very quick solution for semi-multiuser solution is to have only one 
copy of GnuCash to have write access and rest just with read access 
re-reading DB each time update timestamp is changed.


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