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Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Mon Aug 17 10:05:52 EDT 2009


Marcus Wolschon <Marcus at> writes:

> There must be a way without violating 1st normal form and storing
> everything twice.
> Maybe an "updated"-timstamp or something may help.

Maybe...  I was thinking about ways to avoid using timestamps per se,
because the current time can vary machine-to-machine.  I was also trying
to avoid queries like:

  select * from * where last-updated > 20090807100412

[ yes, I know this isn't valid sql ]

> (Also I`m concerned that still loading all transactions from the db
> into ram will work
>  out after a few years of bookkeeping. You cannot split a database by
> year as you can
>  an xml-file.

Why can't you?

But yes, eventually we will need to solve this problem.

>  I'm thinking about maybe 100 splits and 40 transactions as well as 10
> currency-quotes
>  every day for 10 years as a sensible testcase for scalability.)

Sounds like a reasonable test case.

> Marcus


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