Install/First Run Report GnuCash2.3.4

nv_rk nvrk.89410 at
Thu Aug 20 19:45:43 EDT 2009

Using instructions from

this neophyte got the result below between the dashed lines.  Is there
something I can do to straighten this out?  Xml formatted file loaded and
functioned as expected in a preliminary test.

For info - Really appreciate GnuCash now that MSMoney2005 is dying.  Been
running GnuCash v2.3.3 for a week now without hiccup, other than those
caused by the operator, and the troubles common to a qif import situation.

All the best,
This is a development version. It may or may not work.
Report bugs and other problems to gnucash-devel at

You can also lookup and file bug reports at

The last stable version was GnuCash 2.2.9

The next stable version will be GnuCash 2.4

Found Finance::Quote version 1.13

/home/w8/Desktop/GCash/w8_19Aug09c_sqlite:1: parser error : Start tag
expected, '<' not found
SQLite format 3

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