Wish list for GnuCash Windows XP

Norman Yeh normyeh at gmail.com
Fri Aug 21 11:29:52 EDT 2009

Dear GC Experts and Developers,

I am NO accountant and NO programmer, and use GnuCash (GC) under Windows XP with SP3 for personal finances. As GC is quickly evolving into a stable 2.4, I would like to request the following features.

1. a "smart update" function that retrieves and installs patches for GC and ALL of the critical components for currency conversions and security quotes (ie for bonds, stocks, mutual funds, etc)

2. a clear listing of per-share value retrieved for each security asset/investment account in addtion to the total value that is currently shown

3. a graph and report function that shows the growth or decline of my various assets/investments by asset account and in total asset value, whether by day, by month, by quarter or by year at my choice

Thank you!


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