entry transaction not only at bottom

Phil Longstaff plongstaff at rogers.com
Sat Aug 22 09:05:07 EDT 2009

On August 22, 2009 08:37:23 am Derek Atkins wrote:
> Quoting hendrik at topoi.pooq.com:
> > What I see as needed is for the new-transaction entry line, which is now
> > always at the bottom of the register, and can be scrolled out of the
> > window, to instead be permanently at the bottom of the window,
> > outside the scrolled region, and therefor unaffected by scrolling.
> The blank split does need to be able to scroll, because what happens if
> you make it into a split transaction and there are more splits than you
> have lines on the screen?  You need to be able to scroll it, which means
> it needs to be in a scrollable pane.
> Having said that, it might make sense to have a "transaction entry
> register" which is /JUST/ the "blank split" which is in a separate
> pane from the rest of the register..  And then on read-only registers
> (like AR and AP) we could turn off the entry pane!
> However, doing something like this would involve major surgery on the
> register, so I don't think it's just a simple task.  But you're welcome
> to prove me wrong by sending in a patch!

Would it be possible to have the entry pane be a separate single-entry 
register and position 2 registers on the page with a horizontal separator?


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