win32 build naming

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Sat Aug 29 20:45:42 EDT 2009


Phil Longstaff <plongstaff at> writes:

> Derek,
> the automated win32 builds happen every night for trunk and whenever a
> new tag is added (but not re-added).  Other than the source tree and
> the resulting file name, is there any difference in the builds?

Well, it will work if you delete the tag, wait until the overnight
build, and then re-add it the NEXT day.  The way it works is by
performing an 'svn ls' and comparing it to the previous day's 'svn ls'.
So in the case where you 'svn rm' and then 'svn cp' to delete and
recreate the tag, it doesn't notice the change unless the 'rm' happens
one day and the 'cp' happens the next.

> Given that I had to remove the tag and re-add it after the 2.3.5 build
> was done, I'm thinking of taking the 2.3.5-r18284 build tomorrow and
> just renaming it as the official 2.3.5 build.  This will save you from
> having to kick the tag build again.  Either that, or maybe I need to
> build you a script which listens to all checkins on tags and kicks the
> release build.

The script is in packaging/win32 so you're welcome to hack on it.

> Phil

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