Payment dialog proposal

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at
Sun Dec 6 14:25:51 EST 2009

Please have a look at this image:

As you can see, I would like to rearrange the payment dialog a bit.
The Transfer account frame in the original configuration can only show 3 
lines. This is just enough for the basic top-level accounts: Assets, 
Imbalance, Liabilities.
Opening any of these accounts to get to the actual accounts requires scrolling 
the list. When there are enough subaccounts this scrolling is very cumbersome 
because of the limited height of the frame.
And the thing is, you have to do this time after time again, which makes this 
a usability bottleneck.

I first considered simply increasing the minimum height for the Transfer 
Account frame. But I fear this would make the complete dialog too tall for 
small screens.

So instead, I opted to move the Transfer Account frame next to the other 
frames and give it a minimum width. Most screens are wider than they are tall, 
so this should not pose a problem for smaller screens.

For me this improves the usability of the payment dialog dramatically, but 
before I commit the changes, I would like to ask the opinion of the other 

Is this new layout ok with you ?


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