MacOSX builds of 2.3.X

Phil Longstaff plongstaff at
Wed Dec 9 11:24:45 EST 2009

I guess this is mostly for John Ralls who seems to be providing the 2.2.9 native MacOSX builds.

I just recently clued in that I am not doing anything to synchronize with you so that a native macosx build of 2.3.X could be uploaded to sourceforge along with the win32 build so that we would provide tarballs, win32 setup.exe and mac .dmg at the same time.  This assumes, of course, that mac 2.3.X builds are possible :)  How do you want to coordinate?  Shall I just send you an e-mail?  Do you have a daily svn build so that if 2.3.X is tagged, you can easily produce a .dmg?


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