Relink warnings

John Ralls jralls at
Thu Dec 10 13:31:27 EST 2009

On Dec 10, 2009, at 9:25 AM, Derek Atkins wrote:

> Phil Longstaff <plongstaff at> writes:
>>>> Why are these happening exactly ? And can they be avoided ? They make my 
>>>> change-build-install-test cycle dog slow.
>>> Libtool.  I don't know if there's any way to avoid them.  I see them on
>>> many libtool-based applications.
>> I googled and found this:
>> Seems a few years old.  Don't know why it hasn't been merged into
>> libtool.
> Don't know, but unless we use our own version of libtool (which I would
> NOT recommend we do) then applying this patch is... problematic.  I
> suppose we could modify to apply this patch....

That would be very hard to pull off, since different machines will have different versions of We could finesse that by having our own (and other libtool scripts), but that would produce a bit of a maintenance nightmare.

Gert could apply the patch to his own, but then would have to remember to re-apply it after every upgrade of libtool. 

Looks like the libtool project doesn't have a public tracker, relying instead on that mailing list. Makes for an easy way to ignore bug reports.

John Ralls

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