Glade & Tip Of The Day Source

James Raehl james at
Sun Dec 13 22:21:32 EST 2009

Three source questions:

1. I've expanded the limit of advance notice days for scheduled 
transactions from 365 to 731 in my copy of 
repos/src/gnome/glade/  My method of isolating 
transactions in transit before bank posting, is to date them exactly a 
year in the future.  This requires 365 (366 for leap year) more advance 
notice days.  It works, but I don't know if this file is actual source 
or a generated file.  If I were submit a patch with this change, would 
this be the file to patch against?

2. Is the Tip Of The Day primary source file at 
repos/doc/  There is at least one tweak for an 
incomplete tip that I would like to do.  The Quick-fill tip should have 
also said "then press the Tab key", after typing the first description 

3. Is "View > Sort By" in the Register primary source in 
src/gnome/glade/  Is this the place to clarify that my 
Transaction field addition to the register (changeset 18428) also 
changes the date of entry (same field).  I would change the sort choice 
line to "Date Of Entry/Transaction", or maybe "Entry/Transaction Date".

Thanks in advance for pointers to the right sources.
Jim Raehl

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