Gnucash software

Josh Sled jsled at
Fri Dec 18 09:48:46 EST 2009

Derek Atkins <warlord at MIT.EDU> writes:
> "Marina Carvalho" <marimaripuc at> writes:
>> So, the reason why I'm writing is to check if it's ok to offer Gnucash for
>> download in our website so the students can have access to it.
> Of course it is.  GnuCash is licensed under the GPL, so you're free to
> redistribute it as much as you want.  Just keep in mind that we're
> always releasing updates so you might need to keep on top of it.  Also,
> I'd recommend that you only re-distribute the Stable (2.2.9) release, not
> the testing (2.3.x) releases.

Note that if you are distributing the program in binary form (such as
the windows binary), you must abide by the terms of the GPL, and also
make available (and offer for) the source code.  See for the exact

...jsled - a=jsled;; echo ${a}@${b}

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