Request for moving ja.po translation to TP

Takayuki KUSANO AE5T-KSN at
Sun Dec 27 22:00:34 EST 2009

Hi, CHristian and Yasuaki,

I agreed that Yasuaki take over translation work of gnucash related
messages and documents and switch to TP.


> Dear Christian Stimming,
> 2009/12/26 Christian Stimming <stimming at>:
> > Yes, I agree. The only other person you would have to talk to is Mr. Kusano so
> > that he doesn't work on the translation at the same time as you do, but
> > according to what you wrote above this has already happened. So I completely
> > agree that the Translation Project should manage the ja.po translation.
> Thanks for your agreement.
> I've already touched on transition at gnome-translation-jp mailing list.
> And he knows it. So now I'm going to ask coordinators of TP to switch.
> Best regards,

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