Any tips to improve performance?

Phil Longstaff plongstaff at
Tue Dec 29 11:26:41 EST 2009

On Tue, 2009-12-29 at 10:42 -0500, Derek Atkins wrote:
> Phil,
> Phil Longstaff <plongstaff at> writes:
> > Many of the reports work by querying the engine for a set of splits matching a
> > specific filter, then looping and adding the values (all in scheme).  Once the
> > database backend is released in 2.4, this can be changed to a single SQL
> > query.
> >
> > Some preparation for this could begin by adding an appropriate API to the
> > engine (Account?) which takes a QofQuery for splits and returns the sum of the
> > splits.  This at least creates the abstraction needed by the scheme code which
> > can be replaced.
> Note that in general the scheme functions are not returning a single
> gnc_numeric total, but rather a list of <gnc_commodity,gnc_numeric>
> tuples that sum up the amounts in each commodity.  Also note that
> different reports are going to want to perform different types of
> currency conversions based on different requirements.  For example, for
> Income and Expense accounts you probably want to compute an exchange
> rate based on the date of the transaction instead of the date of the
> report, whereas Asset and Liabilities most likely want to compute
> exchange rates based on the report date.

Yes, exchange rates do throw a kink into it.

> But yes, implementing some of this in C could possibly help improve
> performance.
> I'm not sure a SQL statement would work, because it sounds like 2.4 will
> still default to XML, so the reports cannot (and should not) depend on
> the use of SQL in the backend.

The scheme code wouldn't want to know about the backend.  However,
somewhere (Account?  backend?), there should be a "get me the amount on
a certain date" or "get me the amount according to a query" function
which with an XML backend would filter and sum, and with an SQL backend
would do an SQL query so that the SQL engine would filter and sum.


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