SQL Backend can't parse URL

Mark Johnson mrj001 at shaw.ca
Mon Feb 2 23:00:24 EST 2009

Phil Longstaff wrote:
> The interesting line in your log is:
> * 07:22:41  INFO <gnc.backend.dbi>         [init_sql_backend] -1 DBD drivers 
> found
> which means that there was some problem initializing libdbi.
> Your listing above shows that the dbd file are in /usr/local/lib/dbd.  My 
> packages (ubuntu) put them in /usr/lib/dbd, so that is what I made the 
> default.  I would assume that /usr/lib/dbd doesn't exist on your machine, 
> which is why dbi_initialize() returns -1.
> Try adding '--with-dbi-dbd-dir=/usr/local/lib/dbd' to your configure command.
> Phil
This has led to some progress.  I built rev 17871 with this option and 
confirmed that the gnucash script contained the correct path to the dbd 
directory.  Now the gnucash trace has the following:
* 20:43:12  INFO <qof.session>         [qof_session_load_backend]  
selected GnuCash Libdbi (POSTGRESQL) Backend
* 20:43:13  INFO <gnc.backend.dbi>         [init_sql_backend] 3 DBD 
drivers found
* 20:43:13  INFO <gnc.backend.dbi>         [init_sql_backend] Driver: mysql
* 20:43:13  INFO <gnc.backend.dbi>         [init_sql_backend] Driver: pgsql
* 20:43:13  INFO <gnc.backend.dbi>         [init_sql_backend] Driver: 

However, I still get the "can't parse URL" error.  I've checked with ldd 
and my libdbdpgsql.so is built against the correct version of PostgreSql 
- it's linked to the install directory of the version actually running.  
I can connect to that with psql.

I have version 0.8.3 of libdbi and of the drivers.  These are 
the most recent versions.  Any suggestions?


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