Converting iso-4217-currencies.scm to C?

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Fri Feb 6 14:03:47 EST 2009

Quoting Alan Jenkins <sourcejedi.lkml at>:

> Hi, I'm still finding my way around GnuCash.  I came across
> iso-4217-currencies.c which is 3000 lines of autogenerated code.  Seems
> to me it would be simpler (less code, marginally faster) to have all the
> data in a C array, and loop over it instead of having a call for every
> single currency.  I'll send a patch for it - unless there's a good
> reason for keeping it as is?

I was just writing a diatribe on how you shouldn't mess with
the way it is now...  But as I think about it I don't see any
reason that a scheme -> C generator is any better than a C file
that contains an array of the entries.  In both cases you need to
rebuild GnuCash for the changes to take effect.

> Thanks
> Alan


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