New GnuCash release?

Raffael Luthiger modir at
Thu Feb 19 18:27:32 EST 2009

Hi Derek

Derek Atkins wrote:
> My issue with a dropdown menu is that if you don't know the
> native language of the website how are you supposed to know
> to pull down the drop-down menu?

I had to make such a decision once too for one of my websites. And had 
chosen to just write "Choose Language" in front of the down-down menu 
with the following reasons:

a) English is the most used language (if you take second languages into 
account). And even if a user understands only a few English words he 
will probably understand "Choose Language".

b) If the user does not understand English there is still a high chance 
that his native language is as well a Latin-based language. And he will 
therefore be able to figure out what "Language" means.

c) And if everything fails I expect that the user *learned* by now that 
the language selector is almost always in the upper right corner of a 
website. Or that he is curious enough to click around on the website and 
he is trying to figure out what this drop-down list in the upper right 
corner is doing.


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