Problems with gncTaxTableGetEntries in Guile

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Mon Feb 23 11:15:38 EST 2009


Chris Dennis <cgdennis at> writes:

> Hello folks
> I'm having trouble using gncTaxTableGetEntries in a report.
> I can get the tax table associated with an invoice entry using 
> gncEntryGetInvTaxTable, giving a pointer that displays as #<swig-pointer 
> GncTaxTable * 9735698>, and I can use that with gncTaxTableGetName to 
> get the correct name for the tax table.
> But when I call gncTaxTableGetEntries for the same tax table, the result 
> is something that shows up as #<swig-pointer PriceList * 9441110>.  The 
> docs say that it should be a GList* rather than a PriceList*.  If I try 
> to access anything related to that list (using for-each) I get these 
> error details: wrong-type-arg / car / "Wrong type argument in position 1"

Yeah, looks like the swig wrapping is broken.  It should return
a list of GncTaxTableEntry objects.

> I'm using updated SVN trunk (r17944) on Linux (Ubuntu Intrepid), with 
> Guile 1.6.
> Has anyone else tried access tax tables from Guile?

Probably not.

> cheers
> Chris

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