Support for multiple account types for an account placeholder

Mikael Andersson mikael at
Mon Feb 23 15:13:13 EST 2009

Thanks for the comments.

I discovered yet another account group (8) in the BAS account plan that
comprises two types. What I have to do at the moment is to abandon the
account groups of multiple types and rather let their child accounts be
on the root level in gnucash. This is OK, I guess, but it would of
course be nice to have it with the proper structure.

Anyhow, has anyone looked into the backwards compatibility issue, does
anyone know if it could be implemented without breaking this? What are
the requirements of backwards compatibility for gnucash?



On Mon, 2009-02-23 at 11:12 -0500, Derek Atkins wrote:
> <marcus.wolschon at> writes:
> > I recon it would be easier to add an account-type "placeholder" that is
> > not restricted in the type of children it can have.
> > Any comment on this?
> Well, we already have one account of this type, called 'root'.  But
> it's not in the UI and can only be a top-level account.
> Adding new account types is... challenging...  Mostly it's a
> problem because of backwards compatibility..  You need to make sure
> that you add the logic for the new account well before you add the
> code to support using it.
> > Marcus
> -derek

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