Problems with gncTaxTableGetEntries in Guile

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Tue Feb 24 09:30:52 EST 2009

Chris Dennis <cgdennis at> writes:

> I've grep'ed fairly thoroughly through the source, and I can't find
> anything obviously wrong.  business-core.i includes gncTaxTable.h, which
> has the line
>    GList *gncTaxTableGetEntries (const GncTaxTable *table);

We might need to do something like:

typedef GList* GncTaxTableEntryList;

Then change this to return a GncTaxTableEntryList.
And then add a Swig type for GncTaxTableEntryList that defines it
to be a list-of GncTaxTableEntry*.

> Is there anywhere else that defines the SWIG wrapper?

Probably not.. I bet it's getting confused by the GList*.

> I'd like to be able to include details of the tax (specifically VAT)
> charged on each line of the invoice, e.g.
>      Description   Qty   VATrate   UnitPrice       VAT    Total
>      Book            1       0%       £20.00     £0.00   £20.00
>      Computer        1      15%      £100.00    £15.00  £115.00

Wow, umm....   That's extrememly detailed!  Are you sure you need
all that information?

> cheers
> Chris


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