Problems with gncTaxTableGetEntries in Guile

Andreas Köhler at
Wed Feb 25 16:03:40 EST 2009

Hi Chris,

Chris Dennis wrote:
> Derek Atkins wrote:
>> Chris Dennis <cgdennis at> writes:
>>> I've grep'ed fairly thoroughly through the source, and I can't find
>>> anything obviously wrong.  business-core.i includes gncTaxTable.h, which
>>> has the line
>>>    GList *gncTaxTableGetEntries (const GncTaxTable *table);
>> We might need to do something like:
>> typedef GList* GncTaxTableEntryList;
>> Then change this to return a GncTaxTableEntryList.
> I'll give that a go.
>> And then add a Swig type for GncTaxTableEntryList that defines it
>> to be a list-of GncTaxTableEntry*.
> I don't know where that's defined.  Can you point me to the file to be 
> changed?

as in engine.i, it might help to add

GLIST_HELPER_INOUT(GncTaxTableEntryList, SWIGTYPE_p__gncTaxTableEntry);

This is not tested though :-)

-- andi5

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