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Christian Stimming stimming at
Fri Jan 2 04:36:40 EST 2009

Am Freitag, 2. Januar 2009 08:15 schrieb Cristian Marchi:
> I would like to know if it's possible (and how) to translate the GnuCash
> windows installer in Italian.

Sure. All settings related to the language(s) in the installer are controlled 
through the file packaging/win32/ . During "make ; make 
install" time, the file gnucash.iss will be created from that file, 
which in turn will be used as input for the Inno Setup program that creates 
the installer.

In particular, the following settings will have to be added:

- For the built-in messages of the Installer, in section [Languages] (line 
220), add a line
Name: "it" MessagesFile: "compiler:Languages\Italian.isl"

- For the gnucash-specific messages in the Installer, copy&paste all lines in 
the [CustomMessages] section (line 232 and following) similar to the other 
languages: You will have to add one line beginning 
like "it.MessageNameFooBar" for each custom message and add your italian 
translation there.

- One line has to be added for the CodePage in line 262, like so:

- If you want to translate the "README" which is shown as last screen as well, 
you have to create a file like doc/README-de.win32-bin.txt but for "it", then 
add the appropriate installation rules in doc/, then add this file 
to the line with the MessagesFile:"... Italian.isl", line 220, 
similar to the other languages.

Thanks a lot in advance!


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