[PATCH] Budget report improvements (was Re: Budget reports)

Forest Bond forest at alittletooquiet.net
Sat Jan 3 14:53:26 EST 2009


On Sat, Jan 03, 2009 at 02:46:03PM -0500, Forest Bond wrote:
> With input from some nice people in #gnucash, I've implemented the report
> changes that I intend to at this time.  Budget reporting is still far from
> complete, but I believe that the system is made more useful with the reports
> implemented in the attached patch.
> Specifically, the patch accomplishes the following:
>  * Moves budget-related reports to a "Budget" sub-menu.
>  * Implements a Budget Balance Sheet report.  This is a projected future balance
>    sheet using budget data.
>  * Adds Budget Income Statement and Budget Profit & Loss reports.  These are
>    projected future IS/PNL reports using budget data.


BTW, it may be useful to diff the reports with their non-budget equivalents (I
used those other reports as a base for the new ones).

Forest Bond
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