Request for some Enhancements of Gnucash

Chris Dennis cgdennis at
Sun Jan 4 15:18:24 EST 2009

Derek Atkins wrote:
> Quoting Chris Dennis <cgdennis at>:
>> Alternatively, given that GnuCash has so much Scheme code in it, would
>> it be a better solution to create a chunk of Scheme that processes
>> report templates written in some form of pseudo-HTML (for example)?
>> Then report designers could just change the report templates rather than
>> having to get to grips with Scheme.
> I've mentioned eguile for several years as a way to do this.  It would
> be an HTML template with embedded guile in the HTML.  Then all you need
> to do is modify the HTML template to form something that looks different.
> However hobody has offered to do the work to integrate eguile into gnucash.

OK, I'll have a look at eguile as soon as I get a chance, and do a
mini-feasibility study re Gnucash reports.


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