looking to pay for development work on QIF import project

Dave dave at davestechshop.net
Thu Jan 15 14:44:46 EST 2009

I am interested in paying for someone to work on a small gnucash project for

I want to use Yodlee.com to aggregate and download all my account
From Yodlee, I plan to export all transactions to CSV (Yodlee's
*only*choice) once a month or so.
Then I would like to import all those transactions into gnucash in one quick
and efficient operation.

At the moment I can use Calc2Qif in the OO Calc spreadsheet to create QIF
files. And I can import those into gnucash. But the limitation is that
Calc2Qif only makes QIF files containing one single account.

The Yodlee CSV column layout is Status,Date,Original Description,Split
Type,Category,Currency,Amount,User Description,Memo,Classification,Account
Name,Transaction Id;
Goals for this project:*
Make a tool or modify Calc2Qif (or similar existing tool) that will:
1. read the Yodlee.com CSV file.
2. create a single QIF file containing all transactions from all accounts
listed in the above CSV file.
3. write out the QIF file, which I will then use to import the data into

The resulting QIF file should be very friendly to gnucash. Furthermore, it
should include all the data supplied by Yodlee. For example, User
Description (see above CSV description) should be part of the QIF data.
Maybe it will be concatenated with Memo in the QIF file. I would like to
have ability to select which input fields map to which QIF fields, similar
to what Calc2Qif already provides, but with the additional option to merge
two or more input fields (such as User Description and Memo) into one output
field (Memo).

I will also consider other solutions to my basic problem. In the end, I only
want an easy way to get all my transaction data into gnucash from Yodlee. I
suspect others might find this solution of value because Yodlee.com does
arguably the best job of aggregating accounts and obtaining all financial
transactions. Combining Yodlee with gnucash could be the killer personal
finance application (mashup?), in my opinion. This is exactly what I need to
move away from MS Money, and maybe others will see it similarly.

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